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Gyro-Trac’s 500HF High-Flow Cutter-head is the standard mulching Cutter-head attachment for medium-duty mulching machines and can also quickly and easily attached to any High-Flow Skid Steer or Compact Track Loader with 30 GPM or more.   The 500HF “High-Flow” Cutter-head Mulching Attachment is the most productive mulching Cutter-head in its class. It outperforms comparable mulching Cutter-heads 2 to 1, while burning 1/3 less fuel! The 500HF Mulching Cutter-head is the standard Cutter-head shipped with our medium-duty Mulching Machines and is available as a Cutter-head Mulching Attachment for any “high-flow” Skid Steer or Compact Track Loader with 30 GPM or more. 500HF Cutter-head Standard Features: Patented Individually mounted Planar Style Cutting Teeth that cut like a knife Attaches to any “High-Flow” Skid Steer or Compact Track Loader Lower operating costs with the Gyro-Trac’s exclusive patented spiral tooth design           pattern on its rotor along with its controlled bite ribs that keeps mulching production           at a high level while using less horsepower. Variable displacement hydraulic rotor motor for maximum speed 500HF Benefits Will clear more trees and scrub in less time and less cost than any other comparable           Cutter-head. Cut down and completely mulch a tree into fine wood chip – In just a few minutes. Grind dozens of stumps to the ground in less than half-a-day. Perform rapid, high quality, low-cost, right-of-way maintenance. Cut miles of survey or fence lines faster than other methods. Clear acres of small trees and underbrush in a single day.

Gyro-Trac’s 500HF 

Interim Tier 4 Perkins engine with 332 ft-lbs of peak      torque Hydraulic reversing fan for optimum cooling and    reduced engine HP draw Improved tipping load of 8600 lbs (3901 kg) Pilot-operated joystick controls Selectable ISO or “H” control pattern Adjustable loader speed and sensitivity Advanced undercarriage includes multi-level suspension      or exceptional traction and operator comfort Two-speed hydrostatic drive system offers fast travel    speed and high torque work speed.